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T.E.D. (Touch Experience Display) is an exciting hybrid featuring state of the are touch screen technology, industry specific hardware upgrades and cutting edge custom software applications. We designed T.E.D. with a singular purpose; the creation and integration of meaningful hardware and software experiences that contribute to the efficiency of the clients we serve. In some cases T.E.D. is placed in a retail environment to help drive in-store customers towards expanded online shopping options. Other clients have added specialized hardware and software upgrades to T.E.D. in order to create Virtual Reality show rooms right in their store. Since T.E.D. has a built in powerful PC, we have designed and deployed custom inventory tracking systems which are directly integrated with scanners, readers, tags and of course T.E.D. as a central control panel.

The uses are diverse and the reward is efficiency.



The world is filled with creative and new experiences for us to enjoy everyday. Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on the technology which serves them and have begun to expect interactive experiences everywhere. Being competitive in this fast moving ever evolving climate requires creativity and memorable seamless experiences.

Meet T.E.D. he can help.

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4D Touch Systems
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T.E.D. Touch Experience Display